Inspired by the works of Carlos Castaneda . . .


Searching for her missing father, Lesley Whitney enters a life and death struggle, thrust into the realm of Navajo Sorcerers and the Inorganic Beings.


B. R. Fleming 

" . . . a captivating story, which will keep you guessing until the very end. A great read....would make an excellent film!"

"The Native American mysticism in this book is well done to the extent that I was under the mesquite tree with my fave character, Pine Leaf . . . If you enjoy novels with a sense of adventure, or anything about Native American mysticism, you will totally enjoy this story."
​"Great read from a talented writer!"

"The author keeps you engulfed in the story line all the way to the end. Those interested in stories of spiritual journeys will find it particularly enjoyable."

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